In general, dreaming of either petting or feeing an animal means that good fortune is ahead of you. Cast an animal aside, push him away, or harm him and it means that you could be heading for relationship problems.
Specific Animal Meanings Include:

  • Alligator: You’re Surrounded By Enemies.
  • Anteater: Don’t Take Financial Risks.
  • Antelope: Sudden Improvement In Your Financial Situation.
  • Apes: If Apes Are In A Cage, You Will Soon Face Opposition In Your Love Life. Also, A Warning To Take Your Work More Seriously.
  • Baboons: You Could Soon Meet Someone You Will Marry. If You’re Already Married, It Means A Rise In Social Status And Good Fortune In Business Dealings.
  • Bats: If The Bats Are Flying It Is A Symbol Of Reassurance And Calm. If You See Bats At Night, However, Problems Are Coming Towards You. If You’re Brushed By A Flying Bat, It Means That Any Bad Luck Will Quickly Pass.
  • Bear: Success Is Assured. But If The Bear Attacks You In Your Dream, It Means That Someone Is Out To Harm You.
  • Bull: Tells You That You’re Facing Hard Competition In Your Life. See A White Bull In Your Dream, However, And It Means You’re Coming Into A Very Lucky Streak. If You’re Chased By A Bull, It Means You’ll Soon Receive A Gift.
  • Cats Are Generally Seen As Bad Luck in A Dream. If A Woman Dreams Of A Kitten, However, It Means She’ll Soon Have A Pleasant Flirtation. If A Man Dreams Of A Kitten, However, It Means Disappointment In Love.
  • Dogs Symbolize Friends. Friendly Dogs Mean Good Times Mean Ones Mean Bad Times.
  • Dragons: A Powerful Person Will Push You Toward Success And You’ll Achieve Much Money.
  • Elephants: Your Health Is Good. Can Also Signify You’ll Soon Meet Someone Who Will Influence Your Career To The Good.
  • Horse: Riding A Horse Symbolizes Happiness And Independence. In General, Horses Symbolize Good Luck, Unless It’s Black. A Black Horse Symbolizes Grief.
  • Lion: Lions In A Dream Symbolize Social Success. If A Lion Roars In Your Dream, There’ll Be Jealousy. A Lion Cub Signifies New Friends.
  • Monkeys: Symbolize Lies And Deceit.
  • Rabbits: Good Luck And Fertility.
  • Snakes: Coiled Around You Means You’re Addicted To Your Passions. More Than One Snake In A Dream Means Someone Will Disappoint You. Kill A Snake, And You’ll Overcome Your Obstacles.