Working hard and enjoying it. If you have a happy audience, it will pay off the way you intend it to. If the audience is unhappy with your performance, you need to re-evaluate how your desire is affecting others. Perhaps you are not seeing what others are experiencing because of your actions to reach your goal, or could it be that your goal is in conflict with others’ tastes and likes? If you have no audience, you are probably keeping your plans and actions to yourself and not bothering anyone else with them, but are you being selfish with something meant to share? To hear accordion music indicates that fun and happiness will soon be coming to the dreamer. To play the accordion means winning the love of your life through an unhappy event. Also: If you heard this instrument, the meaning relates to the sound; if it struck you as doleful, you may expect some sadness but not of a deep or lasting nature. If the sound was lively and bright, you will soon have some happy social times. If you were playing the accordion, your love and/or personal affairs will be totally satisfactory.