Some people believe that they will have visions about the future and become rich, other people believe that their dreams are full of nice and interesting messages about fascinating discoveries and funny adventures, and other people have similar frivolous ideas, but these are far from the basic and general meaning of everyone’s dreams.

Dream interpretation has being distorted by many false methods of interpretation for many years to the point that nobody believes our dreams are a serious and objective resource of real and valuable information.

Most dreams reflect the mistakes made by the dreamer under the influence of the worst parts of their personality. Dream messages are warnings about future negative developments because you are not being careful enough in areas of your life. They can also be premonitions about bad intentions that other people have and their future consequences, etc.

Your dreams protect you from what is bad, dangerous, and absurd, and from events that can ruin your life and the lives of all the people who depend on you. This is their basic function, because their main purpose is to preserve your mental health, and help you develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

Dreams provide you the guidance and advice of your unconscious and give you many important lessons about things in your life.

You have to be a good student and learn what the unconscious mind is teaching you in your dreams everyday, so that you can be transformed and live free of the constant threaten of the anti-conscience, your wild side, that wants to imprison your human conscience in the labyrinth of craziness and control your behavior.

Therefore, look at your dreams with the attitude of a humble student, ready to learn and ready to be transformed into a perfect and wise human being.

The reason we all have dreams in the first place is to help us with the transformation of our wild side into a human, so that we may live peacefully and therefore happily. There is no happiness around violence and terror.

Man has to learn how to become really human, calm, balanced, wise, sincere and sensitive, in order to live happily forever.