Example: I dreamt I was a prisoner with many others. Myself and other men were outside the prison work­ing. Then a tremendous explosion blew a hole in the prison wall. I knew prisoners were trying to escape. I saw some wardens and shouted or signalled to the prisoners to be care- fiiT (Terry D). Terry worked as a therapist without scholastic qualification. Terry represents his attitudes to authority as the prison, and sees more of his work potential escaping those attitudes.

Example: ‘1 often dreamed I was being chased by boys or men. I would suddenly take off like a helicopter and fly away. Sometimes narrowly escaping from my pursuer’ (MC). As in the example, we often use escape’ in a dream to avoid diffi­cult feelings. This is like reading an exciting novel because it distracts our attention from problems in our marriage. The problems remain. Something escaping from us: a realisation, emotion or opportunity eluding awareness. See enclosed.

ESP in dreams Many dreams appear to extend perception in different ways.