Regardless of whether we believe in a God or not, all of us have been exposed to the idea of a supreme and omnipresent being. The dilemma over the existence of God is probably the most common dilemma of them all. Everyone from time to time will have a dream about “God.” Its symbolism depends on the dreamer. God in our dreams can be considered a positive or self affirming symbol. It represents truth, purity, and love. It also represents the creative energy which is abundant in all of us (whether we know it or not). For a certain number of people, in the dream state, God may have negative connotations. For them God could represent eternal punishment, damnation, and invoke massive amount guilt. Most religions consider dreams to be a pathway to God or to the spiritual realm. Through dreams we have an opportunity to have experiences which are not available during the day. Our unconscious mind may be more capable of connecting to the eternal flow of spirit and it may be the dwelling place of the soul. See Also: Jesus