General Meaning: Rope, like chain, speaks of bondage and of being restricted. In a positive context though, it is a picture of strength and security. (As in the threefold cord that cannot be broken) • Positive: To dream of being tied to your spouse or to someone you love speaks of unity with the Lord. • A ship is tied to the dock with a rope, representing security. • A threefold cord speaks of strength and unity. It can be a very positive thing if it is tying a couple together in marriage. • I recall a vision when my husband Craig and I were receiving ministry about being married. Apostle Les saw a vision of us tied together with strong ropes that could not be broken. • Because my parents had been divorced, I feared the same thing in my own life. The Lord made me a strong promise that I had nothing to fear. I am glad to say that our marriage is going stronger than ever! • With my husband, myself and the Lord, we are a picture of a threefold cord that could not be broken. • Ecclesiastes 4:12 And if a one is overwhelmed, two can stand together; a threefold cord is not quickly broken. • Negative: To dream of having your hands tied is a picture of being restricted and unable to do the things you need to do. • Being tied by rope to something could also indicate that you are being bound by whatever that object or person represents in your dreams. • Being bound by a rope can speak of the work of the enemy to bind you and prevent you from doing what the Lord wants you to do, just like Delilah bound Samson. • Judges 15:13 …And they bound him with two new cords, and brought him up from the rock. • A rope attaching you to someone else could speak of a spiritual bond that needs to be broken. In the spirit, you might see a person tied with cords that are in turn attached to various people. • If the people you see are family members, then that rope is a picture of generational bondage. • You can also see this in relation to past mentors or friends that you have not fully let go yet. If you see this vision, then the Lord is telling you to let those people go and to move on. • For more on how to break spiritual links, read The Way of Blessing. See also: Cords, Chains.